Touch 2000 Plus

Touch 2000 Plus RO High-res with Shadow

Touch 2000 Plus

Advance touch Technology R.O. Water purifier System

Product Description

Safepower higher capacity sine wave inverter are custom made to cater to electrical applications with higher loads, Striking aesthetics and super efficient. This range of inverter is ideal to run sophisticated and expensive equipment in offices, banks, hospitals call centers multiplexes, shopping Malls, IT Sectors, etc.


Technical Specifications:

Purification Cartridges: Pre-filter (optional), sediment filter, activated carbon filter, anti-scalant filter, post-UF filter.
Purification capacity*: Up to 15 litres / hour.
Max. Duty cycle: up to 75 litres / day.
Storage tank capacity: 8.5 litres (approx.).
Ro membrane: 80 GPD (gallons per day).
UV Disinfection Column: 11W
Min. Inlet water pressure: 0.3 kg / sq cm.
Max. Inlet water pressure**: 3.0 kg / sq cm.
Input voltage: 110V – 300V, 50 Hz.
Operating voltage: 24V DC.
Product Dimension (W*D*H) (mm): 100 psi, 24V DC.


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